Whenever you step foot in a new town, it's always hard to figure out where to start. There's history, shopping, dining, real estate galore. 

For locals and tourists alike, Colorado Springs offers Core Culture Walking Tours throughout the town. The tour lasts an hour and introduces some of the best historic sites, cultural highlights, and artwork that the mountainous town must offer. There are special featured tours that change throughout the year that can be incorporated into your adventure of becoming a connoisseur of Colorado Springs' best.

2017 Tours:

Art on the Streets: The annual Art on the Streets programs transforms your everyday streets into an outdoor gallery of sculptures and arts. This tradition has been held for over 19 years. The stops on the tour sample the pieces and the history and artists behind them. (Jan. 7, April 1, July 1, Oct. 7)

The Story of Us: The staff of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum facilitate a tour that takes you back to a time when the community was first being born. It helps you understand the true story of how the neighborhoods, businesses, climate and transportation have shaped and transformed Colorado Springs. (Feb. 4, May 6, Aug. 5, Nov. 4)

Wild Card Tours: The Wild Card Tours are ever-changing and designed to give Core Culture experts an in-depth look at the tours topic. Every third month in 2017, the staff of the Downtown Partnerships and the Pioneers Museum give an insider’s view of the history and culture of Downtown Colorado Springs. From cuisine to murals to the history of tuberculosis, each tour has a personality of its own. Each tour is focused on a new topic and only done once, so make sure not to miss out! (Mar. 4, June 3, Sept. 2, Dec. 2)

These tours are $10 per person (free under the age of 17) and held on the first Saturday of each month. For more information visit:

Core Culture Walking Tours